** Terms and Conditions
– As a member of WatchF1.net you agree that you will not pass, download or sell any information from our member’s area to anyone else.
– WatchF1.net will keep any user information confidential and not pass this information to any third party.
– In subscribing to WatchF1.net you are stating that you are over the age of 18 and are legally entitled to watch the contents of the sites you visit.
– If you have a problem you may contact us and must allow us up to 2 working days to answer your emails. You must provide us with the correct contact information or we are not responsible for you not receiving your information.
– If a subscription is misused in any way we reserve the right to remove you from our database.

** Membership Fees
Our charges are displayed on our order form. There are no hidden charges or additional fees to use our service. Your payment is based on a specific time duration and will not renew automatically.

** Description of Goods
– Your payment is for subscription based access to our dedicated member’s area. Our product provides details on how to watch F1 racing live online. In addition to live F1 we also provide access to alternative motor sports racing.
– WatchF1.net does not own or host streaming content. All channels and feeds are provided by third parties who have no affiliation with our company. Our member’s area is updated on a daily basis with the latest links. However, we cannot guarantee that all sites provided are fully operational 24 hours a day and sites can be removed or added at any time. During peak times quality can also understandably suffer as more users try and access the service.
– You agree that you understand that WatchF1.net does not provide the streams directly but provides you with the links to the correct sites and software required to enable you to watch live F1 and other motor sports racing streams online on your pc.
– Your subscription will grant access to our member’s area for the time span ordered. Access will only be restricted if our terms and conditions are broken.

** Delivery Method
Our subscription service provides instant access to our member’s area. Upon payment your account is activated enabling you to login and use our services. In addition details of your subscription and purchase receipt will be sent via email.

** Refund Policy
Our member’s area provides digital products which are available immediately after payment is completed. These products allow access to streams without the need to sign into our member’s area. Return visits to our area are only required to access updated links, check additional features or download further software. As our service is provided instantly in the form of digital products we cannot offer refunds for subscriptions. Refunds will only be offered if there is a compatibility issue or if a member has not signed into their account prior to requesting reimbursement.

** Transaction Security
WatchF1.net take account security seriously and as a result have installed the most secure options for taking payments. We currently use PayPal as payment processors. Paypal is the number one online payment processor with over 65 million accounts worldwide. It is the option of choice for many users whether paying via card or via PayPal funds.